Softie Softie (started in April 2021, firstly supervised by Lucas de Groot in summer 2021 at FH;P) is a Softie. A fragile, strong, alpha wrestler. Undisciplined, unholy. Like a Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco in it.


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Student License

If you’re a student, you can buy fonts with an educational discount and use them for your student projects. As long as the project is a school-based, non-commercial project, you’re good to go! After you finish your studies, you can keep using the fonts for student projects that started when you were a student. If you want to use the fonts for a client project, your client needs to buy their own license. ︎︎︎Students pay a symbolic price of 20€, please get in touch.

Language support

Western Europe, Central Europe, South Eastern Europe, South America

Stylistic Sets and Stylistic Alternates

A license includes several alternative glyphs including seven stylistic sets.


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