This work-in-progress typeface (started in April 2021, supervised by Luc(as) de Groot in summer 2021 at FH;P) is a Softie, it’s a fragile, strong, alpha wrestler. It is undisciplined, unfinished, unholy; it’s a prettier Jesus.

Softie Alpha

Styleset 1

Styleset 2

Styleset 3

Styleset 4

Styleset 5

Styleset 6

Styleset 7


Download here.︎︎︎


  • ‘Small’ Desktop License: 30,00 € (for small scale projects like posters, books or merch, not for logos, brandings or anything for big companies) 
  • Students: 10,00 € (for university/student projects only)
  • Free updates as the typeface progresses (follow me on Instagram to stay updated)
  • Email me for licensing or more licensing details


With my licensing model I am trying to protect my work as an independent designer. Like other designers, I believe that commissioning companies should pay for licenses, not graphic designers who use them. I also belive that large corporations should pay more than small businesses or associations. Thanks for your support! ︎

Next Updates / Things to come:

  • Adding special characters and diacritical signs (for west-european languages)
  • Kerning, kerning, kerning
  • Long term: Variable font

First Published

September 2021.

Last Update

Softie 1.2 (February 2022).

Licensing Model Update

June 2022. (Feel free to email me for questions!)