This work-in-progress typeface (started in April 2021, supervised by Luc(as) de Groot in SoSe21 at FH;P) is a Softie, she’s a fragile, strong, alpha wrestler. She is undisciplined, unfinished, unholy. She is a prettier Jesus.

Softie Alpha

Styleset 1

Styleset 2

Styleset 3

Styleset 4

Styleset 5

Styleset 6

Styleset 7


︎︎︎ alternate glyphs, three styles
︎︎︎ gender-sensitive language: gender-ligatures (german)
︎︎︎ gender-sensitive language: three alternate asterisks


desktop: Single-desktop-licence: 50,00€
webfont: Please email me
students: 10,00€
feminist projects: Please email me
︎︎︎ email me for licencing details or trials 

In Use

See an early version in use here ︎︎︎

Next Updates / Things to come: 

︎︎︎ more glyphs (e.g. for west-european languages)
︎︎︎ kerning-pairs for alternate glyphs 
︎︎︎ more kerning-pairs 
︎︎︎ in the long term: variable font 

Last Update

Softie 1.0 / September 2021