USE ME, Folkwang UdK,
Webdesign, 2021,

Photography: Birgit Hupfeld

Website for the Folkwang UdK graduating acting class of 2022. Playing around with the concept of expensive taste. 

Maggie Nelson: Bluets, 2018
Production, Editorial Design, Typesetting,
Hanser Literaturverlag / Stefanie Schelleis

An elegant little book that hovers between essay, confession, lyrical prose, pornography and poetry.

Softie Release Poster
Poster Design, 2021
Edition: 6

Release poster with which Softie celebrates herself.

Typography, Type Design, 2019 – 2021

The gender ligature is a part of my typographic study of gender-sensitive language as part of my bachelor's thesis. It was created by exploring new typographic approaches to gender-sensitive language.

Elena Favilli / Francesca Cavallo: Rebel Girls 2, 2018
Production, German-Version-Editorial Design, Typesetting,
Hanser Literaturverlag / Stefanie Schelleis 

Rebel Girls gathers 100 inspiring stories about impressive women that encourage every girl to believe in her dreams. Illustrated by over 60 female artists from around the world.